Offers and activities in the MegaMarieplus Programme

The Marie Meierhofers Children’s Institute (MMI) and the Education and Family Network plan and act together and offer you a wide range of offers.

Family centres, other meeting places for families and their young children and parent-child-groups in Switzerland can benefit from a wide offer the next three years.

The existing offers and activities will be continued and are available to all interested parties. The addresses will continue to be served automatically.

We publish news and other important information in the INFO-POST. Further information can be found in the Facebook-Gruppe Familienzentren, on the Education and Network Facebook-Seite and LinkedIn pages and on the MMI LinkedIn page.

The dates of the offers are in the​​​​​​ calendar

NEW: Family centres and meeting places can actively participate in the MegaMarieplus Programme. We are currently working out the details.

Offers and activities in the MegaMarieplus Programme 2023 until 2025

In the webinars and workshops, we will delve into topics and content. This might include content from the cloverleaf or topics that concern the further development of the family centre framework conditions.

Family centres, parent-child groups, specialised agencies, municipalities and other agencies can use our impact- and resource-oriented consultations.

These are based on our experience in advising municipalities and cantons in the field of early childhood, and working with fragile families and families with a migration background.

Improving the quality of services for families and children is an important objective. We build on what already exists and plan the next steps with you individually.

We have designed a grid and invite you to create a portrait of your offer. We want to support you in networking and make it easier to plan job shadowing.

Each family centre is different. That is what makes our work so exciting. We are now looking for family centres that could host visitors and/or visit another place as a guest.

We will compile a list of hosts and can also envisage combining job shadowing with further education in future.


On 30 June 2023, we invite you to a conference in Olten.

One regional meeting in Ticino and one in Romandy are planned for the autumn. These events are to be planned and carried out with experts from the regions. They should highlight good practice and enable participants to learn from each other.

We are currently advertising a position in Romandy and look forward to receiving qualified applications from bilingual professionals.

Various learning formats such as a learning platform, blended learning, on-site offers, etc. contribute to a deep engagement with content. Pedagogical content is designed and implemented by the Marie Meierhofer Institute for the Child (MMI).

This year, five family centres are participating in a pilot to test the documentation tool developed as part of the MegaMarie Laboratory.

In 2024, more meeting places should be able to join.

Dossiers on the contents of the cloverleaf and other topics will be created and made available to all interested parties.

The dossier in the area of advocacy, with arguments to help municipalities and cantons support meeting places, is already in progress.

We work together with numerous content and implementation partners and are pleased to be able to incorporate so much expertise and practical experience.

Generali employees are willing to support the family centres near their office by volunteering.

Volunteering in detail

The MegaMarieplus programme is being evaluated. The evaluation will be carried out by external experts. In addition to producing statistical figures, they will answer questions that concern the family centres.